Rescuing Stray and Homeless Cats and Kittens 
In Bayonne, Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ

Cats for Adoption in Hudson County, New Jersey

Helpful Links

The following internet links are ones we have found helpful over the years in working with our rescued cats and kittens in Bayonne, Jersey City, and Hoboken, New Jersey.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

Areas Served: Jersey City-Downtown/Newport-Pavonia, Journal Square/5-Corners, JC Heights/Western   Slope; Hoboken; Lower North Bergen; Union City; Weehawken.
Call: (201) 892-8463
Hours: Flexible 
Services: Pet-sitting in the comfort of your home for all critters great and small. Dog walking and other dog-related services also available. 

Links for Cat Food and Supplies
A wide variety of cat and dog food.
Pet Food Direct Website

Help with Re-Homing Your Cat

Free from Best Friends: Flyers with your pet's photo are an excellent way to advertise lost or adoptable pets. A free, easy to use Flyer Maker program is available online at:

Finding Prospective Homes for Your Cat (Pdf)
Courtesy of "A Wheelie Good Petcare Service" North Bergen
Phone: (201) 892-8463 

Socializing Very Shy and Fearful Cats (Pdf)
Courtesy of "Best Friends"

Help with Pet Allergies

General Websites
Dedicating to protecting and improving the lives of our nation's cats.
A Hudson County site for cat and dog adoption.
ACall4Paws also supports a sanctuary for feral cats.
An organization to raise awareness of and maintaining the welfare of the feral cat colonies located in Bayonne. BFCF sponsors a "Trap, Neuter and Return" program and instructs registered participants in proper colony care. They are also working with the Bayonne City Council to enact a feral friendly ordinance that would control the cat population, reduce nuisance complaints, and address public health concerns.
A New Jersey non-profit dedicated to homeless animals and sponsor of the Feral Cat Initiative.
Noah's Wish rescues and shelters animals during disasters.
Bringing animals out of crises into care. United Animal Nations provides animal shelters during crises such as Katrina.
Project TNR in New Jersey

Animals Asia Foundation

Care of Kittens and Cats
A Kitten Care Handbook
Helpful web site if you have suddenly found an abandoned or orphaned kitten.
A safe sanctuary for blind cats in North Carolina and information on living with a blind cat.
Blog focused on households with multiple cats

Yahoo groups
Jersey City Feral Cat Group
Jersey City Cat Owners Group
Union City Feral Cat Group
Covers the side effects and dangers of vaccinations.

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