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In Bayonne, Jersey City, and Hoboken, New Jersey


Daisy of Bayonne (with Special Needs)
Daisy is an average size, shorthaired, tuxedo, spayed young adult female.

Daisy's Story...
I lived my early life outside with the rest of my family.  I am blind in one eye because of an eye infection during my kitten hood.  We were well cared for in Bayonne by a wonderful woman who continues to care for the rest of my family outside.  When she noticed that I was very ill, I was trapped and taken to the local vet.  That's me in my friend's bird bath before I came inside.

I recovered very well.  Since I am very tame and affectionate, my caregivers want to find me a home inside safe from disease and dogs and traffic.  I have a very shiny tuxedo coat and have pudged up a bit with the good food I have been getting lately.  I hope that you have a spot on your couch and a place on your window sill for me. 

I get along well with my friends Perry and Noah who are also waiting for adoption with me.

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